Best Arabic Dishes

Every country has particular dishes that are widely known and eaten. These dishes can say more about our culture and what we love most. These recipes can vary; they can be desserts, main dishes, and soups among others. With all these categories put in place, it may be difficult to decide which dish is best for you to try especially if you are on a visit to a new country. In this article, we will inform you of the finger licking, best Arabic sweet dishes for you to enjoy and try out if you happen to be in these countries.
This is the most favored Arabic delicious dessert. It is a combination of puff pastry, double cream, milk and nuts. You can top it with raisins, coconut flakes, and powdered sugar. It contains energy, carbohydrates, fats and protein.
This is a very sweet and delicious cake. It is made with semolina, the wheat used to make pasta and couscous then soaked in sweet syrup or flavored syrup. It is a well-known dish in the Middle East.
This dish is made of rice and milk. The mixture is then sweetened with sugar. You can top it up with nuts and garnish it with cinnamon. You can also have this dish with an ice-cream pudding. This makes it a sweet dish full of good nutrition and also perfect for digestion.
This is one of the most favorite and popular Arabic dishes. It is made with cooked, mashed chickpeas or any other beans of your choice, mixed with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and salt. You can eat it as an appetizer or as an accompaniment to other dishes. In some of these Arabic countries, Hummus is a common part of their daily meal. The dish holds high nutritional value; it contains dietary fibers, manganese, vitamin B, proteins and other nutrients.
This is royal bread eaten in special occasions. The bread is sweetened with sweet syrup and cream. It can also be garnished with nuts to enrich its taste.
This is the Arabic version of cheese cake. It is crunchy on the outside, creamy and very sweet. This cake is a combination of semolina dough, noodle-like filo pastry stuffed with soft cheese. It is also dipped in simple sweet syrup. The latest version of this dish is adding mangoes to the mix.
Baklava is another sweet pastry made of layers of filo; chopped nuts sprayed with a sweet syrup or honey. It is quite yummy.
If you love pizza, then this is the pizza of the Arabic countries. It is round bread with ground meat or herbs and cheese sprinkled over. The pizza comes in different varieties in the many restaurants and vendors. You can either have it for breakfast or as lunch.
These are deep fried balls made of ground chickpeas, fava beans or both of them. These balls are topped with hot sauce, salad, pickled vegetables and tahini sauces. It can be eaten as a snack or an appetizer. It is a traditional Egyptian and Middle East food.
During Ramadhan, this is one of the dishes you can eat. It is a sweet Arab desert with Akkawi cheese as a filling or any other unsalted cheese. The pastry is filled with a mixture of any of raisin, hazelnuts, walnuts, vanilla extract, pistachios, powdered sugar, almond, and cinnamon. It can be baked or fried then sprinkled with honey, powdered sugar or sugar syrup.
It is a typical dish in Pakistan and Iran. Kofta is balls made of minced lamb or beef with a spicy onion kick. This dish can be in a cylinder shape or sticks. It is be fried, grilled, baked or barbecued. This dish is best served with a distinctive spicy sauce.
Mansaf is a dish of lamb cooked in fermented dried yoghurt and can be served with rice or bulgur. It is then sprinkled with pine nuts and almonds. This food is mostly served in weddings, graduations and births among other special occasions. It is the national food of Jordan.
This is a layered pastry that is baked in a pizza oven. This dish can be eaten with many toppings like honey, white cheese, molasses and jam among others. Different restaurants will offer it with ingredients and toppings. The best thing about this dish is that it can be eaten with all kinds of dessert and meat.